Publications created under Think Africa Partnership programs or benefitted from TAP supported fellows and scholars. Contributing AERC Scholars and Africa Fellows identified where relevant.

Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa book (Africa Fellows Solomon Owusu and Kaleb Abreha)

The Effect of Weather Shocks on Women’s Labor Supply and the Income of Women-headed Household in Lesotho (AERC VS Ramaele Moshoeshoe)

Market structure and bank conduct in Lesotho (AERC VS Ramaele Moshoeshoe) 

Adoption d’innovations et productivité des entreprises en Afrique subsaharienne francophone : cas du Cameroun, de la Côte d’Ivoire et du Sénégal (AERC VS Andre Dumas Tsambou) 

The Future of Work in Africa: Harnessing the Potential of Digital Technologies for All (Solomon Owusu)

Leapfrogging : The Key to Africa’s Development? (Winfred Kwame)

CEoG Data Story – Electricity in Africa

Accelerating poverty reduction in Africa

The Skills Balancing Act in Sub-Saharan Africa


A brief history of time: Taxation and mineral production in developing countries (Mamadou Tanou Balde)

Women Empowerment
in Agriculture and Children
Nutritional Outcomes in Rural
Burkina Faso (Rita Nikiema)

Nigeria in Times of COVID-19: Laying Foundations for a Strong Recovery (Admasu Maruta)

The Fallout of War: The regional consequences of the conflict in Syria (Rocard Kouwoaye)

Publications related to Africa’s Resource Future that benefitted from TAP research and data