Publications created under Think Africa Partnership programs or benefitted from TAP supported fellows and scholars. Contributing AERC Scholars and Africa Fellows identified where relevant.

Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa book (Africa Fellows Solomon Owusu and Kaleb Abreha)

The Effect of Weather Shocks on Women’s Labor Supply and the Income of Women-headed Household in Lesotho (AERC VS Ramaele Moshoeshoe)

Market structure and bank conduct in Lesotho (AERC VS Ramaele Moshoeshoe) 

Adoption d’innovations et productivité des entreprises en Afrique subsaharienne francophone : cas du Cameroun, de la Côte d’Ivoire et du Sénégal (AERC VS Andre Dumas Tsambou) 

The Future of Work in Africa: Harnessing the Potential of Digital Technologies for All (Solomon Owusu)

Leapfrogging : The Key to Africa’s Development? (Winfred Kwame)

CEoG Data Story – Electricity in Africa

Accelerating poverty reduction in Africa

The Skills Balancing Act in Sub-Saharan Africa


A brief history of time: Taxation and mineral production in developing countries (Mamadou Tanou Balde)

Women Empowerment
in Agriculture and Children
Nutritional Outcomes in Rural
Burkina Faso (Rita Nikiema)

Nigeria in Times of COVID-19: Laying Foundations for a Strong Recovery (Admasu Maruta)

The Fallout of War: The regional consequences of the conflict in Syria (Rocard Kouwoaye)

Publications related to Africa’s Resource Future that benefitted from TAP research and data

Firm Dynamics, Job Creation and Job Destruction in Africa: Is the Quality of Institutional Environment Relevant? (Ibrahim Okumu)

The influence of socioeconomic factors on individual and household adaptation strategies to climate change risks in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (Oluwaseun Olowoporoku)

The Impact of Gas Flaring on Child Health in Nigeria (Omoniyi Babatunde Alimi)

Diagnosis of Skills Training System and Employability of Youth in Ethiopia (Omoniyi Babatunde  Alimi)

COVID-19 and Children’s School Resilience: Evidence from Nigeria (Horace Gninafon)

Resource-backed loans in sub-Saharan Africa (partly supported by TAP W1)

Dutch Disease and the Public Sector: How Natural Resources Can Undermine Competitiveness in Africa (partly supported by TAP W1)

The Missed Opportunity of Africa’s Resource Boom (partly supported by TAP W1)

Explaining external economic support inequality among households affected by HIV/AIDS in Tanzania: an Oaxaca Blinder decomposition analysis (Wilfried Guets)